Gold Fortune

The most fun way to check the price of gold every day!

Play the only slot game that uses real gold prices to calculate your winnings.

See if you can win 1000 ounces of virtual gold and put them into your personal bullion vault. They would be worth over $1,761,000 at today’s prices for real gold.

Fortune of the Day – “Champions keep playing until they get it right.”

^Tap the 47 buttons that can lead you to a fortune in real gold.

You don’t have become a gold miner in Alaska to strike it rich.

You don’t have to find the next King Tut tomb.

Or, find a sunken treasure ship.

Or, discover a secret pirate’s cave with hidden loot.

Or, climb the Peruvian Andes mountains to locate the entrance to an abandoned mine full of gold.

Imagine what you will do with your own personal fortune in gold – island vacations, flights to space…you dream it, you get it.

Exploring for gold is now as easy as downloading the Gold Fortune app now and tap every button.

Your gold is waiting for you now.

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