Gold Diggers

Start Your Engines!

Follow a team of notorious Gold Diggers while you take control of one of the wild west’s best kept secrets: Gigantic Superlicious Steam-Punk Digging Trams. Your goal? To find yourself some Gold! Just steer the Digging Machine through multiple layers of the earth while you dodge Giant Worms, Flame Pillars and any dangers hidden in the depths of our planet.

With each game you’ll earn yourself more and more gold as you explore what it is to be a true Gold Digger. Trade in your gold for awesome goods in the store such as Wagons, Special Drills, new Gold Diggers and some of the best equipment fit for drilling those extra meters.

Explore the most dangerous places hidden deep underground, such as old abandoned minecart tracks, deep and dangerous lava pockets and piles and piles of dirt covered in hardened rock. Use your reflex skills to dodge any incoming threat and go as deep as possible.

Along the way be sure to pickup powerups which will add some neat machine guns onto your Wagons. Blast everything to smithereens or pickup some extra lives to extend your playtime and go even deeper underground. Use the super intuitive control mechanism to steer with maximum potential.

So get set for an amazing deep-earthed adventure and start Digging for Gold!

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Gold Diggers Review

No, Gold Diggers isn’t some Real Housewives tie-in game, but it is about getting down and dirty in pursuit of some filthy lucre. It’s a vertically-oriented variation on the endless runner genre that unfortunately doesn’t sparkle quite as much as its metallic subject matter. Without so much as a cutscene you’re thrust into the digging action. Gold panning? That’s for old guys and slow people: in this world, mechanical trains with massive drills are where Read More →