God Legion


團進入戰場, 一同參與人·神宿命之戰。



成功解除神獸套裝封印 ,可獲取神秘將領。

挑戰不同陣形的戰役和VS更多不同的敵人 ,目標獲取
更高成就 ,提升成為神級將領,統領更龐大神級兵團。



Thousands of years ago, almost everyone on earth worship the gods, until someone realized the truth of being slavery and formed the “imperial Army” to fight back for their freedom. The player will be the commander of the “imperial Army,” the coach and the imperial soldiers at the same time, joining the battle between the gods and human.

★ Human & gods war
The outbreak of the battle of the fate of more than 50 games in the earth.

★ Career generals
Different occupations in the comic book will understand the stage, players can be bred angle
Color, upgrade practitioners become the generals of the level of God!

★ Emperor Corps
Continue to recruit players from fighting generals, to build their own more powerful regiment, Confrontation of different abilities, god

★ Synthesis equipment
Successfully lift the seal of the animal that suits can obtain the mysterious generals.

★ Dark battle
Different formation of the Battle of the challenges and VS is a greater variety of enemy target acquisition. Higher achievement, to become the God-level generals, commanding a huge God-Corps.

★ Called on the world
Players can put the achievements of generals, issued the world, access to the people, to attract more God-level commanders.
Change everything!

★ ★ ★ ★ between man and God the fate of the war, will be your strength

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