Goblin Party Free

All Stages are free !

The Craziest RPG, VS, funny elimination Game is coming!

Our cat hero, “Goblin hunter” – Ken, receives global employment to eliminate “Goblins” of all over the world.
Today, He will be going to eliminate the Egyptian mummies, Japanese Sadako, Chinese zombies, and American Vampires.
These cute Goblins will never quietly waiting for you wipe out, once Battle started , you have to destroy them quickly, because they can transform!

1 Up to more than 20 kinds of Goblins, and more are on their way.
2 Beautiful world map, as many as four countries, more than 32 stages, more will coming soon.
3 Dozens of dazzling Bursting skills.
4 Dozens of bonus items to help you have a break in the game, and ultimate item can make you become the Superman.
5 Dozens of Attack skills.
6 Super Exciting Vs battle!
7 We have a funny “flowery” BOSS smile at you
8 Oh, you know!

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