goBird and poo

Everyone has dreamed of flying like a bird. Well now in the virtual world you can do just that. With your own personal goBird you can fly to famous places anywhere in the world.

And you can deliver a little poo to your friends and enemies alike. Ever wanted to drop one on Wall Street or Bourbon Street, well now you can.

Press the Wikipedia link button at any point during your trip to discover interesting facts about the cities, towns or landmarks in the vicinity of your flight path. Learn new and interesting facts on every flight.

Your goBird will launch from your home location and travel to places on your command.

goBird takes off at slow speeds so that you can view the local terrain. Then as goBird reaches altitude it will fly at supersonic speeds until getting close to its destination, slowing down during its descent, so that you can enjoy the scenery and arrival at slower speeds.

It’s lots of fun and you get a geography lesson during every flight.

This version also provides you with the ability to enter any address in the world into its database and then you can have your goBird fly to those locations and deliver a little poo on your command.

Your goBird earns points during each trip and in future versions your goBird will be able to network with other goBirds and the more points you have the better.

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