GobbleGator 2

Enter the Jungle of GobbleGator2. The Gators are back and looking for more tasty treats!

GobbleGator2 is the follow up to the highly popular GobbleGator. New fully animated Gators and a beautiful new light mapped realtime 3D environment pull you into their fun Jungle world.

Chomp down and Gobble as many critters as quickly as possible by tapping on or around your Gator. 30 second game rounds offer great pickup and play gaming on the go.

Universal Binary for 2 player iPhone/iPod Touch, and 4 player iPad fun!

New Available items add even more fun and challenge to gameplay

* Goose Powerup
While swimming around the goose lays 2 point eggs that can help you rack up a high score. The Goose itself is worth 3 points.

* Bomb Powerup
These timed bombs will stun Gators that chomp them for 3 seconds. Worth 2 points they add a little strategy to racking up scores.

* Poison Fruit Powerup *NEW*
Gobbling a poison fruit confuses your gator
and reverses controls for 6 seconds

* Single Gator mode – Gobble as many object as possible before the time is up.

* Gator vs Gator – 2 player Head to Head on iphone and iPod Touch and up to 4 player Head to Head on the iPad

* Gator vs Computer mode – Challenge the Computer Gator head to head for victory

GobbleGator2 also has a Game Center High Score board to see how you stack up to gators everywhere.

Please dont forget to Rate the game. We have some great updates in the works.
Pick up GobbleGator2 now and start the Fun!

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