Goat’em Up

** You can contact us at support@thebalanceinc.com if you have any problems with the game **

Infuriated by the terrible “singer” Yodel, a moody mountain goat chases him around the world, avoiding the obstacles and devouring peppers to become faster and shoot him as far as goatly possible. Make the chubby singer travel through space and collect the most bizarre objects along the way, gaining stars and unveiling new ambients. Face all the challenges to gain achievements and earn money to unlock new outfits, in order to make the Yodel fly with style!

Game features:
– Immersive and addictive gameplay
– 60+ items to collect
– 3 different ambients to explore
– 6 purchasable outfits
– Several achievements to increase the challenge
– Dynamic audio and stunning artwork!

“Sometimes simple is best. Goat’em Up is one of those times.” – Kotaku US, Gaming App of the Day

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