Take a breath. Visualise. Remember your routine. Concentrate. Flick at goal.

Can you handle the pressure that comes with kicking at goal in the AFL? GoalKicker puts you right in the action. Hear the crowd’s anticipation and reaction as you take aim and kick at goal for your team. Kick a drop-punt, launch a torpedo, curve that banana or even dribble the ball through the big sticks. Using an intuitive and in-depth flicking system, you now have more control than ever on the footy field.

GoalKicker features realistic ball physics, HD Graphics for Retina display devices, real crowd sounds and Game Center integration to enable you to challenge your friends. It’s the closest thing to being on the MCG while still in the comfort of your sofa.


Single Player Modes
○ Challenge Mode – can you work your way through all 100 scenarios? Our designers says no
○ Time Attack Mode – what can you score in this intense minute
○ Sudden Death Mode – how perfect are you?
○ Practice Mode – provides full analysis of your flick to help you improve your goalkicking

Multiplayer Modes
○ Pass ‘n Play – play a game or three with the mate next to you while at the footy
○ Bluetooth Multiplayer – play a local multiplayer game on two separate iOS devices without an internet connection
○ Ranked Online Matches – work your way up the leader boards as you challenge people from around the globe to collect Ranking Points
○ Unranked Online Matches – play against friends or strangers in an online game without it being all at stake.

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