Go Robo!


Meet Robo, the booty-shaking babe-magnet! Enter the infinite neon disco and get down to the electro groove as colors pulse and the bass throbs around you. But beware – in this club, dancing is a non-contact sport!

Avoid the de-funked robots, dodge earth-shaking sub-woofers and steer well clear of the dancing girls (they’ll chase anything in metal trousers)! Keep with the boogie until the portal appears to The Princess Layer, where Robo kisses the girl of his electric dreams – but watch out for Robo’s creator, Dr. Ransom!

Use pickups to JUMP, SHOOT, SHRINK and SPEEDUP as Robo navigates along an ever-changing track. Collect cassette tapes to boost your score and unlock the next booty-shaking electro track by Vector-Lovers (four tracks included).

Got a Twitter account? TWEET from the game to get Robo a heart – it will stop him blowing a fuse as soon as he bumps into a girl on the dance floor!

With simple controls ( just tilt left & right to steer ) and frustratingly addictive retro arcade-style gameplay, Go Robo! will have you grinning from ear-to-ear as you come back for just one more go! Fabulous fun for kids (and geeky dads too!)

SUPPORTING PEOPLE AUTISM: Buying this indie game helps to support people affected by Autism! I’m donating 25% percent of all game sales to the National Autistic Society!

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