Go Go Kiddo !

Play, create, and learn with Go Go Kiddo’s unique blend of “Vitamin-Fortified Fun”! Children can enjoy exciting letter and number tracing games, express themselves through art and music, watch cartoons with social and emotional lessons, and enjoy endless giggles and laughs!

Trace letters, hear their sounds, and then launch them from a slingshot! Knock down structures and pop bubbles to collect the letters needed to complete words. 36 levels of letter fun for children to earn stars and unlock stickers!

Kids love pressing elevator buttons! Choose a floor and watch as the doors open on something funny!

This keyboard is more than just a piano; it’s a recording studio and sound effects generator. Children can follow along to learn songs or create their own and watch the Go Go Kiddo characters dance to them!

Trace a number, then race against the clock to select all the characters displaying that number! Five different types of races and 36 levels of number fun for children to earn stars and unlock stickers!

Endless hours of creative fun are unlocked in the stickerbook! 7 backgrounds and 450 stickers allow for unlimited creations. PLUS, on devices that have cameras, the child can take photos to use as backgrounds or make funny faces!

Go Go Kiddo’s lovable characters – Amber, Mac, Pip, Tenny and Lily – star in a number of sweet and funny two-minute cartoon episodes that teach social skills around topics such as sharing, avoiding bullying, and respecting others.

Kids simply laugh out loud at these riddles and knock-knock jokes from goofy and endearing characters Zooney & Gooney.

After creating wonderful works of art in Go Go Kiddo’s Stickerbook activity, children can save them to the Camera Roll and send them to their parents’ Facebook pages for posting and sharing with friends and family.

Created by a team that has directed major interactive entertainment initiatives at numerous companies, Go Go Kiddo was designed to leverage new mobile technologies to create experiences that engage and inspire. The founders, Dawne Weisman, Jordan Weisman, Joe DiNunzio, and Shane Small, have always been active participants in the development of their kids at school and at home and love to watch as children use technology to play, engage and learn. The team is working closely with developers who have deep children’s interactive entertainment experience, as well as an educational advisory board, and have gained valuable feedback from hundreds and hundreds of Go Go Kiddo kid testers to ensure that Go Go Kiddo reinforces the importance of the joy of learning via play.

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