Go! Fish

In a world fraught with danger, one fish will overcome all odds in the name of love and tip the balance of happiness…..well, at least his happiness!

Race through exciting levels, annihilating birds and avoiding danger in an epic quest to save your true love. Well, she may not know you exist, but once you rescue her she will…right?

In this challenging side scrolling game, duck, dive and jump your way through a colorful world of ocean creatures. Find out who is behind the kidnapping of your heart’s desire! Follow the bubble trails and collect sand dollars to purchase a variety of skins from the store.

Squared Interactive, LLC is proud to present their debut project Go! Fish. Exclusive to the App Store.


- FREE updates!
- 24 exciting levels with many more to come
- Unlock new skins and costumes
- Full Game Center support with achievements and leader boards
- Support for iPhone 5 and Retina graphics
- 60fps for super smooth gameplay

Thanks to everyone for your support!

Go Fish

This is a simple card game, developed based on the standard ‘GoFish’ game rules. Play against three computer players in this game and try to beat them.
The basic rules of Go Fish game apply here, where a card deck of 52 cards is dealt to each of the four players at random. The remaining cards are kept in the deck.
A player asks another player for his cards of a particular rank. Players can ask only the card that they are holding. The player asked gives all cards of that rank, if he has any. If the asked player has none, he tells the player to “Go Fish” and the player draws a card from the deck of cards. If the player is now holding all four suits of one rank, he gets a score. The game ends when the deck becomes empty. The player with the highest score wins. 
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Test your skills, try beating your previous scores, and let others know about it too!