Experience Chemistry like never before! Chemistry experiments were never this fun; learn and play in a totally new and awesome way with “GlowFizz”.

“GlowFizz” is a safe, virtual Chemistry Laboratory that is packed full of fun but safe from the dangers of a real chemistry lab! Explore the world of Chemistry with “GlowFizz” – mix chemicals together to get new ones, discover chemical reactions, and unfold nature’s mysteries on your own by watching the explanatory videos within the app. In short, GlowFizz is the perfect app to let little ones discover the wonders of Chemistry and to stay ahead.

Game Play:
1. Select experiment based either on categories or periodic elements.
2. Follow the instructions written on the board to complete an experiment.
3. Earn stars for every finished experiment.
4. Watch associated video to understand the changes at atomic level.

– 6 different experiments (More coming soon!).
– 3 different categories.
– 4 different periodic elements.
– Explanatory videos.
– Great characters and animations.
– Easy and fun to play.

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