Glow Hockey 2 HD

Rating: 4+

Glow Hockey 2 HD is a game from Natenai Ariyatrakool, originally released 1st April, 2010


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Glow Hockey 2 HD iPad Review

Path-drawing and tower defense were genres that made a big splash on the iPhone early on. On the iPad, air hockey and solitaire have seemed to come out in front. Glow Hockey 2 HD is our favorite air hockey game on the iPad so far.

Glow Hockey 2 HD is, quite simply, air hockey. It doesn’t change anything from the classic formula, and of course that’s the point. What the developer has done is create a solid experience with good physics that anyone can enjoy.

Welcome to the future (and past) of videogames.

Most air hockey games on the iPad suffer from the fact that the tables feel small. In Glow Hockey 2 HD, the paddles and puck are shrunk down just right to make the table feel larger without sacrificing controlability. This means that it feels like you have a larger play area than in the other games.

There are eight graphical themes in the game, each with four different color paddles and pucks. You can choose between the classic style table, a soccer field, or neon lights. In the options you can turn on particle effects for when the puck hits a wall.

Just like in the arcade.

The single player mode comes with quick play and an endless challenge mode where you play against increasingly difficult enemies. Even if you lose you can start over from where you left off. There is also single-device multiplayer, as well as Bluetooth and local Wi-Fi. Our only wish is that the developer would allow you to choose how many goals you want to play to. At the moment the set number is seven.

Don’t expect the game to break barriers and bring the genre to new levels. Instead, enjoy it for what it is: a great air hockey game.