Gloober HD

Aliens kidnapped junior!!! Gear up, brush your teeth and fly after them to save junior.

Meet ‘Gloober’ the green winged alien dad who is on a mission to retrieve his abducted son. This endless addictive game asks you to tilt your way as you chow down on food items, collect boosts and shields and dodge incoming bombs, eggs and even parachuting soldiers!

Gloober is a pure arcade game that pits a real challenge with a tint of humor for the player to enjoy. Best of all, it’s completely free!

•Stunning HD graphics.
•Multiple backgrounds.
•Insane robots and aliens to dodge.
•20 Achievements to unlock.
•Easy and addictive gameplay.
•Show off your highscore and challenge your friends through GameCenter, OpenFeint, Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

So are you game enough to be the new hero?

** Also available for the iPhone/iPod Touch **

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