GloBall is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: GloBall

When a friend recently told us he had GloBall, we were shocked and concerned. We started up a collection to buy him lead-lined underpants before we realized that GloBall is not a medical condition developed by sitting on barrels of radioactive waste, but instead a perfectly adequate (if fairly repetitive) twist on Breakout.

Instead of controlling a paddle like in most Breakout games, here you control the ball. By tilting the iDevice you can knock into brightly colored blocks for multipliers, power-ups, and points. Endless score-chasing is really the only purpose here, because the levels aren’t terribly exciting by themselves. However, our GloBalls did tingle when we uncovered a few hidden passages.

You should probably get that looked at.

One really nice feature (and we wish all games had this) is the global high-score list. Not only do you get to find out how your skill is ranked overall, but GloBall will even display that you’re the highest scoring player in however many miles of you, which is something you can use to break the ice at parties.

GloBall is simple, mostly mindless, and a decent time-waster. The price on GloBall is pretty low, and if you’re loco for leaderboards this is a pretty fair way to spend two bucks.

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