Global Attack: War Game

Download the latest FREE role-playing strategy game, and achieve World Domination.

**Free Avatars**
**Army based MMO**
**Live Gameplay**
**Strategy RPG**

If you like strategy games and you dream of dominating the world, Global Attack is the perfect MMO, RPG game for your iPhone and iPad. Start with nothing and work your way towards conquering the whole world.Battle people from all over the world. Start now, build up your troops and BATTLE!

In Global Attack, you have three objectives: Build up your Army, Battle other Players Live, and Conquer the World.

**Build Armies**
**Battle Friends and Live Players all over the World**
**Conquer the World**

Your mission: The world is in chaos, and you must build up your troops and weapons and lead them into battle. It is up to you to raise the largest army and reign supreme to bring order to chaos.

Challenge your friends to this classic strategy game of global domination.

Recruit your armies, create alliances, and conquer the world in this classic world-domination strategy game.

Build powerful units, defeat your enemies and take over the world.

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