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Glo Flo is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Glo Flo Review

Cute little puzzle games are everywhere on the App Store; it seems that the combination of cuddly animals and simple puzzle play is a recipe for success. Glo Flo, the first game from Capcom’s new casual imprint Beeline, has both of these elements but never really reaches the same heights as an Angry Birds or Burn the Rope. While it’s cute, the puzzles are too simple and the replay value is lacking.

As is so often the case, the basic set-up of Glo Flo is dead simple: all you need to do is connect identical bugs together with a glowing line. Each stage is divided up into a grid, so you’re essentially connecting the dots, while making sure that like-colored critters are linked up to each other. You can only make horizontal and vertical lines, and different colored lines can’t cross one another. So when you have a screen full of different colored bugs the trick is figuring out how to fit all of the lines on the grid without having them touch.

Connect the bugs.

It’s a solid concept and is pretty fun for the first dozen or so levels. But the main issue with Glo Flo is that things never get more complicated than that initial premise. After the first few introductory levels the difficulty curve plateaus, remaining the same even towards the end. For those who do find themselves stuck, though, there’s a hint feature that helps you along without giving the solution completely away.

Since the levels aren’t scored there’s really no reason to go back and play levels again, so the game’s replay value relies entirely on its ‘time attack’ mode. Here you’ll have to solve as many, incredibly simplified, puzzles as you can in 100 seconds. The more you complete, the higher your score. But the twist is that you get an even bigger score for taking a longer route, forcing you to figure out how best to use up as much of the grid as possible. Again, it’s a solid concept, but since the puzzles are dumbed down to such a ridiculous degree it takes all of the fun and challenge out of the experience.

If you’re the kind of person who gets migraines trying to figure out how to solve puzzles in, say, Cut the Rope then Glo Flo might be for you. But for everyone else it’s just far too easy. You’ll get almost all the game has to offer in the first dozen or so levels, with no twists or challenges to look forward to after that. With so many puzzle games on the App Store, Glo Flo simply isn’t bright enough to stand apart.