Glide is a fun, addictive puzzle game for all ages. The goal in each level is to simply move the marble across the ice field and into the hole.

So what’s the catch? The ball only glides north-south or east-west, so you’ll need to strategically use the blocks to help redirect the ball. Hey, it’s a lot tougher than it looks!

The levels get more difficult and fun as you go, introducing movable blocks and switches. And with the clock running, one of the biggest challenges will be avoiding brain freeze!

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Key Features:

– easy to learn for all ages
– 24 engaging levels, more to come
– high score chart for best times and least moves
– play music from your iPod/iPhone during game play
– ability to change marble speed
– levels get harder as you go
– switches and movable blocks keep game play fun on harder levels
– created by a high school student – (my dad made me put this in: he wants you to help fund my college education!)

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If you have feedback about the game, I’d love to hear it so that I can keep making it better.

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