Glass Fort


Top #50 iPad Strategy Paid App in United Kindom

Top #100 iPad Strategy Paid App in United States, Canada, Australia, France and India!


“Glass fort – I got glass fort and I think it’s great.Although, it is really challenging.I’m on level 20 out of 60 and it is already tricky but It is still fun!!!” – User review.

“Awesome! – I was so bummed when Glass Tower disappeared. Thank goodness these people made something similar but even more challenging. I love it!” – User review.

“Glass fort – Love this game very addictive need more levels please” – User review.


Unleash your destruction desire and enjoy life-like behavior of 3D glass blocks!

Glass Fort is the ultimate physics-based puzzle. You have to destroy blue blocks and keep red blocks from being destroyed.

Some blue blocks contain bonuses which rise from the bottom to the up when you break them – tap a bonus with your finger to catch it!

Glass Fort contains 60 levels – some of them are pure crystal-smashing joy, some will make you think twice or more to complete.

UPDATE: We are excited to announce our next update coming soon! 2 new level packs: “World Towers” and “US Towers” with the World and US most famous towers inside to smash and destroy!


– Multi-touch support. You can crash multiple crystal blocks at the same time
– Zoom in and Zoom out a tower with your fingers
– Rotate a tower using simple swipe
– Move a tower up and down using two fingers touch

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