Glass Balance Pro

Rating: 4+

Glass Balance Pro is a game from Gadgetcrafts, originally released 23rd August, 2012


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Glass Balance Pro Review

There’s something to be said for simplicity. In a world of gaming where buttons have their own buttons and a tutorial can be a five hour ordeal, simplicity can be a breath of fresh air. Glass Balance Pro certainly does have simplicity. Its controls are nothing more than a simple tap and swipe, and the basics are easy to grasp. While it may not be the game that changes the world of iOS gaming, it certainly could be a nice breather between RPGs and first-person shooters.

Glass Balance Pro is a one-handed game. It plays in portrait, and you only need a single finger to play. In it, a crane prepares to drop a glass gem onto a balance board. To move the crane, just move your finger into the proper spot. To drop the gem, tap on the screen or let the time run out. Once the gem is dropped, the crane will reload with a new gem, and the timer starts again.

Tipping the scales.

Glass Balance is a unique mix between a Match-3 game and a balance puzzle. If you can get three gems of the same color to touch, they disappear and leave you with some points. The gems may be of different shape, which can make things difficult. You might have a square, and triangle, and an octagon, and you need to line them up right to get them all touching.

You also need to consider the balance part of the game. Since it all takes place on a balance board, it’s important to keep both sides of the board even. You have a certain number of lives, and you’ll lose one for each gem that falls off the edge of the board. As expected, if you drop to zero lives, it’s game over.

While winning may include connecting several gems of the same color, that could also mean losing. When your gems match up and disappear, that loss of weight weight could cause a severe tip on the other side. You’ll need to keep both the matching and the balancing in mind if you want to make it far.

Let’s get this party started.

There are power-ups you can earn as you progress. You can earn a color swap power-up, which randomly reassigns the colors of all gems on the board, or you can get a 2x points multiplier. To use these power-ups, you’ll need to tap on their icons as they float up the side of the board.

Glass Balance Pro also uses a coin-based economy system. You earn coins by playing the game, and you can use the coins to tip the balance more in your favor. For instance, you can buy a laser sight to drop your glass gems directly where you want them. You can also buy more lives or different backgrounds for the game. Essentially, you’re rewarded for playing more and more.

If you come to Glass Balance Pro expecting several gameplay options, you’ll be disappointed. It’s a single game that stays the path the whole time. It gets more difficult in higher levels by throwing more shapes, many of which are rounded and can easily roll off your board. In many ways, it’s a Zen-like gaming environment that lets you cleanse your palate.