Giv Galaxy

Welcome to Giv Galaxy: a universe jam-packed with fun and challenging minigames based around the spirit of helping individuals thrive! Play for Fun, Give for Good!

Giv Galaxy casts you as budding space-scout Nuxx, a dedicated creature whose lifelong aspiration is to gain his Solar badge in Planetary Helping.

Planet Zarru has seen better days, and it rests upon Nuxx’s shoulders to bring the planet back to its former glory by helping provide food, shelter and healthcare to the ailing Zarrus!

The neat thing about all this stuff is it has a real impact on the world around you!

To find out about how you can help real world pre-screened families in need, visit our site at You can make a huge difference.

We are adding fun new features to Giv Galaxy all the time – so please hop in, play lots and – with your kind feedback – help us make the game as great as it can be!

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