Girls Like Robots

Universal Rating: 4+

Girls Like Robots is a game from [adult swim], originally released 11th October, 2012


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Girls Like Robots Review

Girls like boys. Some girls like girls. Apparently, some girls like robots– at least, that’s what the latest puzzler from Popcannibal would have you believe. Perhaps that’s not the exact sentiment they’re trying to express, but that’s certainly what came to mind first before tearing into this adorable seating puzzle extravaganza.

If you’ve ever dealt with party planning or hanging out with several different groups of friends or family before, you should be well aware of the problems that stem from trying to appease people with their assigned seats. Think back to school and the field trip you planned to spend with your best friend, only to be foiled by teachers and assigned seating. Girls Like Robots forces you to find places for all the members of your varying posse, whether it’s a girl by a robot, a boy next to a nerd, or any one of those combinations. It’s quirky, silly, and simplistic, but it’s also a whole lot of fun. Like Adult Swim’s stable of bizarre adventures, Girls Like Robots is an addictive endeavor all its own.

Class is in session.

As you attempt to “seat” (place blocks within a grid) your buds, there are a few rules to keep in mind, such as the fact that girls hate nerds. Girls, as the title suggests, do like robots. Nerds like girls. Robots, too. The trick is deciphering the correct layout that accommodates the varying schoolyard prejudices that come along with these stereotypical characters. You can’t place too many nerds by girls, or it’s all wrong. Robots are pretty easy-going and simple to please. The humans cause all the drama–typical. And there are several more tiles and “friends” to add into the grid once you progress to later levels, including animals, fish, and even food. Arranging tiles on the grid is done by examining who and what you can place together in order to keep the peace. You wouldn’t want to cause a scene, after all.

You need to try your hardest across 100+ logic puzzles to meet the level requirements and up the happiness factor for each tile. If a specific tile has something it’s content with on all of its four sides, that’s max happiness. Sometimes you’ll be asked to squeeze every last bit of happiness out of your tile placement, and other times level requirements ask you to fulfill other prerequisites. Each world throughout the game plays out with its own specific theme, and not all of them revolve around keeping guests happy. You may find yourself making blockades or partaking in some other silly situations, but that’s part of what makes Girls Like Robots so much fun: variety, humor, and challenging puzzles that feel like a palate cleanser in a land of samey puzzlers.

But how to girls feel about pick-up trucks?

As things begin to get complicated, the fun only doubles even as tiles disappear and the number of tile swaps reduce considerably. The whimsical nature of the illustrations coupled with happy-go-lucky pastels and poppy accompanying background music lend a youthful, playful lilt to the game all about maintaining order and squashing petty “I don’t like him/her” drama. It’s infectiously cheery and will keep you playing long after the night turns into morning.

Popcannibal has crafted a wickedly clever puzzle title that looks and feels fantastic. Who’d have imagined playing party planner could have been so fun? Girls may like robots, but we really love this game.