Girls Bar for iPad

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You don’t know what is Kyabakura?
Oh then you need to learn now! Kyabakura (Cabaret club) is one of the most popular cultures in Japan! “Kyabakura” is something like a bar where men pay to drink with a young, beautiful hostess for a period of time.

Let’s train your bar girl to be No1 sales popular kyabakura girl! Also you can expand your hostess club and decorate as you like!

★Managing the club – you are the owner of the kyabakura! You can design and build a club space with your originality and creativity! You can make your dream club! As your level goes up, you can have more choice of interior item and can expand the size of the club!

★Training the girls – you have to train each girl’s skill, such as makeup, Talking, drinking etc. You can hire maximum 30 individual unique girls in your club. You can create your dream girl; change hair, dress, make up. We have variety of cute avatar parts available! You can go check it out your friend’s club and deprive the girl or you can find secret girl in somewhere. When girls are in training, girls cannot serve the client, but when girls are in the club, the girls have to make customer happy as answering their request.

-Gacya function: outside of the Kyabakura, there is the special game function call “Gacya”. Playing with Gacya, you can get special limited items or bonus!

-Ranking function : you can compete the ranking of your girls with the other player.

-Event :there is certain event is happening! Please join and earn extra money! Currently Xsmas Special Event!

★Play with friends -you can connect to Facebook or Twitter to play with your real life friends or you can make new friends using our community!

-Message Board function : Make new friends!

-Camera function : take picture to share your friends on blog or SNS

We will keep updating items or seasonal event to make you interesting and suit your taste!

Please enjoy yourself and share with friends with making dream club with dream girls!

Supported language : English, Chinese, Japanese

Inquiries are welcome to!

When you play this game, you have to be connected to Network.

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