The 2nd phase of girl’s dress-up application! The girl character of an eight-head figure.
– Menu –
Character : The color of skin, eyes, a mouth, and a hairstyle can be set up.
Closet : Please choose dress and carry out dress-up. If you buy dress at a shop, dress will go into a closet. Enjoy your coordination freely combining dress various type.
Work : Let’s coordinate the dress suitable for a fashion style and get coin. Moreover, a present can be got with the level of each style.
Shop : Please buy dress in coin. There is also a secret item. Contents are the pleasure after buying it! It will become easy to come out of various kinds if a heart level becomes high.
Background : A setup of a background can be performed. The background which can be set up increases with a heart level.
Setting : ON/OFF of a sound, advertising ON/OFF (at the time of a charged version), and the purchase of a charged version can be performed.
Work Data : Work data is displayed. The level of each style can see.
Camera : In the case of a charged version, an image can be saved on the album of iPhone.

If changing dress is carried out or each event is performed, a heart level will go up.
All the items can be collected for free.
(The charged version can perform advertising ON/OFF and preservation of an image.)

The judgment of the item suitable for a style is original judgment of this application.
With a closet menu, if a mix coordination can be enjoyed and obtained freely, I will think that I am glad.

— The kind of style —
Girlish : The fashion of the girl style.
Gothic&Lolita : The girl fashion of the lady style of Europe which made black the keynote.
Sporty : A light active fashion.
Party : Fashions, such as a party dress.
Mannish : Masculine fashion.
Military : The fashion which imagined the design of the military uniform.
Resort : The light fashion worn at a resort.
Rock : The fashion of the rock musician style.

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