Gingerbread VS. Snowmen

The peaceful gingerbread wonderland is under invasion from the evil snowman empire. Help your fellow Gingerbread men rise up and defend their house against the snowmen tyrants. Combining Tower Defense, Action and Strategy genres. Gingerbread Vs. Snowmen is an adventure for all ages.

That’s right 100% FREE! No locked levels, no hidden objectives, and no gameplay restrictions. Play the entire game for FREE!

Take up arms and travel across the gingerbread wonderland. Discover new never before seen places. Use the might of the gingerbread militia to defend life, liberty and licorice.

Candy Canes are the currency in gingerbread wonderland. Earn them as you progress and upgrade your house, allies and abilities. Want to buy new upgrades right away? Purchase Candy Canes straight from the store menu.

How long can you survive the endless winter onslaught? Fight for sweet freedom and earn your high score spot on the Game Center leader boards.

Earn 20 exciting Game Center achievements.

Don’t like ads? For $0.99 you can upgrade to the Pro Version removing all ads.

Gingerbread VS. Snowmen is a 100% Indie game created by a single person. Show your support for indie games and download now!

* This game is not supported on iPhone 1, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPad 1 or similar devices.

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