Gingerbread Doodle

Don't have the time (or patience) to make a gingerbread house from scratch, but still want the fun of decorating one? Gingerbread Doodle to the rescue! Choose your favorite style, mix your dough, build your house and decorate it with a huge collection of frostings, candies and decorations. You can even decorate gingerbread cookies and add it to your wintry scene.

* 6 house styles
* 56 pre-made frosting colors, plus a color wheel to make custom colors
* 3 frosting textures, plus 6 frosting tips in three sizes
* More than 150 candies, sprinkles and decorations
* More than a dozen designer house parts, including doors, windows and squiggles
* 17 fun gingerbread cookies to add to your house scene, including gingerbread people

When you're done creating, eat it, save it to your photo album or email it to a friend.

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