Create your very own, super-powerful Gigabot from over 500,000 possible combinations! Customize with various body parts, weapons, skills and hangars to show off your creation. Join an alliance and battle against others to rank up and become part of a powerful team!

GIGABOT WARS is a social mobile game in which you battle using your Gigabot; a robot produced with high-level technology, built to defeat others.

– Complete missions to gain experience and level up your Gigabot!
– Collect bot parts, recovery items and other drop items that will help you progress throughout the game!

– Show no mercy! Participate in PvP battles to earn prestige, experience and bits!
– Rank high in the battle rankings to earn weekly rewards!
– Join the event battle and compete to earn rare parts!

– Transform your Gigabot with enhanced parts!
– Deck your bot out with different parts, and color it to create something unique!

The Story So Far…
The year is 2213 and the earth is on the brink of a nuclear war… A giant meteorite hurtling towards Earth fails to be taken out and lands in the Atlantic Ocean. The mass destruction forces a peace deal, and a salvage operation begins.

Fragments of the meteorite reveal a highly volatile material containing artificial intelligence. The extracted material is used for robotic genetics, and the Gigabot is born.

The Gigabot Federation is set up to bring law and order to Earth. However some rogue nations defect and use their Gigabots for evil. The Earth is slipping back into chaos again. Evolve your Gigabot and bring peace and justice back to Earth!

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