Gift Hunt !!

“Gift Hunt” is a challenging game for Santa. In this game Santa is going for hunting the gifts from underground.

# Game Features…….

* Use arrow key for moving the santa.

* You have move to only left side, right side & down. You can’t move upward direction.

* Your target is search all gifts in that underground.

* You have to collect all gifts , caps , coins with your correct path.

* Plan for a correct path, after that you’ll go for collect otherwise if you leave any gift then you can’t move upward to collect that gift.

* You have one option for collect above gift if you have only one level down from that gift, you can use bomb.

* Through this bomb you can destroy one one pixel around you.

* You have only 3 bomb. Use this bomb at your correct place which is make benefit for you.

* After finish one level you can play next level.