Giant Paintball

Lookin to shoot some stuff? Look no further.

Fully 3d – First Person – HD – Free.

Over 30 years of paintball experience and park developers! Giant Paintball is a realistic mag-feed target shooting game. It teaches players how to lead their shots, and when your not playing at your local paintball field, train with Giant Paintball.

Soon to be added field names:
Hollywood Sports Park, Bellflower
SC Village, Chino
California Paintball Park, Castaic
Giant Paintball Lakeside, San Diego
Giant Paintball Alpine, San Diego

Tap your way through multiple levels of rapid-fire chaos. Take down as many targets as you can per round and upgrade your weaponry with Coins you earn with every kill.

Giant Paintball is the ultimate paintball experience for mobile devices, a high-octane arcade style shooter for the casual and committed gamer.

– Multiple fully 3d HD immersive levels.
– Five unlockable fully 3d weapons.
– Skill-based addictive gameplay.
– Increasing difficulty with every level.
– GameCenter Leaderboard.
– Easy to play, difficult to master.
– Excruciatingly satisfying head-shots!

Get in, Gear Up, and light ‘em up today!

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