Now you can play “GhostN’ Goblins: Gold Knights” for FREE!

Become the legendary knight Arthur or the dashing Lancelot and defeat swarms of demons and undead!

◆Difference from Original version◆
Difference from original version is that advertisement is shown on the part where no affect on game play (for instance title screen etc.).
Besides the advertisement, all are the same.

Battle through six stages or peril as you attempt to recover the missing princess and learn the secret of the demons’ return. But be careful, end of each stage there is powerful demon wait you!!

◆Character Feature◆
Powerful weapons and magic, but slower attack speed.

Fast attack speed, but less powerful.
Use Jump attack.

◆Weapons and Magic◆
Destroy treasure chests and monsters to uncover weapons and more powerful armor.
There are several unique weapons for both characters each with a different magic attacks.

Customize your game play with DLC!
Unlock contents like “Infinite Lives”, “Magic boost” etc to maximize your game experience.
※Click “CUSTOMIZE” on the menu screen for details.
※For iPod touch user, you need Wi-Fi environment to download the customize contents.

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