Ghost Traps – Ghoul Hunter

Ghost Traps is a fun and exciting arcade game where the aim of the game is to catch ghosts and score big points, armed only with your Ghost Trappers and your wits.

Be warned these ghosts don’t like to be captured so its not as simple as say, slicing fruit! So you will have your work cut out for you!


To catch ghosts stun them with your finger. Once stunned the ghosts can be trapped within the ghost Trapper but only once the Trapper is fully charged. Make sure the ghosts colour matches the colour of the trapper you are trying to capture them in or instead of capturing the ghosts you will make them mad!! 



You’re up against the clock so try to catch as many ghosts as you can in the set amount of time. Using power-ups to your advantage can really help you to boost your score!

Last as long as you can on only 3 Lives. On this mode, ghosts left on screen too long get mad which causes them to attack you if not captured early enough.

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