GET TO THA CHOPPA!!1 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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If you’re like us, you were sold on today’s featured game as soon as you read the title and saw the goofy App Store icon. But GET TO THA CHOPPA!!1 earns its right to be written in all caps with a clever variation on the high-score running genre popularized by Canabalt.

Formerly an Xbox Live Arcade Indie game, in GET TO THA CHOPPA!!1 you have to run as far as possible while avoiding three types of obstacles: zombies, missiles, and landmines. You can never actually reach the choppa, as it hovers just out of reach and fires missiles in your direction.

To avoid obstacles, you simply swipe up to jump over mines, down to slide under missiles, and tap on the approaching zombies to mow them down with your twin uzis. Occasionally one of two presents will appear in the choppa for you to grab: a 4x score multiplier, and a powerup that temporarily turns you into an invincible armored knight on rocketskates.

As if all this wasn’t wacky enough, the music playing in the background is a techno remix of Mike Tyson declaring himself to be a god in the ring. It has to be seen and heard to be believed.

GET TO THA CHOPPA!!1 has the same amount of insanity and genius as Robot Unicorn Attack, but it goes that extra mile by providing OpenFeint high scores and an HD iPad version. There are a lot of high-score running games out there (we’re even working on a GameFinder list for them) but this one is very special, in both senses of the word.