Get Mee Back

Get Mee Back™ is useful

Use Get Mee Back™ anywhere and everywhere that you can get a GPS signal.
It will get you back to your car when it’s parked in a field. It will get you back to where you started when you went for that impromptu walk in the country – or
to your tent at a festival. It will just – Get Mee (You!) Back

Get Mee Back™ is fun

If you are young – or just feeling young – use the App to play the Get Mee Back™ game with your friends

• All start at the same point
• Agree on a time to get back to where you started
• Click on Mee
• Go off in different directions – it doesn’t matter where
• When you reach half time, follow the arrow to find your friends again
• When you get back to your friends, press Finish to see how far you went. THe person who went the furthest – and got back on time – is the winner!


• One-touch start
• Just follow the arrow – no need for a map
• Changes color as you get nearer to Mee
• Shows time elapsed
• Shows furthest distance traveled
• Simple to use – and fun!

Where does Mee live?

Get Mee Back™ is a product from Intelligent Maintenance LLC – a company dedicated to the maintenance of anything and everything – including one’s peace of mind. Hence Get Mee Back™

Find other great products from Intelligent Maintenance LLC at

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