Welcome to Gesturez
The very addictive, speedy-reflex game!

This game is very simple, very easy to learn and highly addictive.

In todays world you probably use your iPhone, iPod Touch and / or iPad on a daily basis, so you are subconsciously practicing for this game as you use it!

You have SWIPED, weather its been photos, up and down a list or up and down a page.
You have PINCHED, to zoom in and out of a page, maps or photos.
You have SHAKEN the device, different apps have different reasons, but we all know it’s a cool feature on these devices.
And of course
You have TAPPED! everything you do you are tapping, to open apps, to add something, to go back a page or forward and many more, you are always TAPPING!

This game is VERY simple, just look at what gesture it asks you to do, and do it as fast as you possibly can!
Swipe up, down, left, right, pinch, tap, tap with two fingers and shake!

With a built in timer the more gestures you successfully complete the less time you have to complete the next gesture.
How far can you get?

Supporting English, Italian, Spanish & Maltese languages, there’s fun for multiple languages.

So download today to see how fast you really are with your gestures!

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