geoSpark - WARNING: Highly Addictive!

geoSpark - WARNING: Highly Addictive! is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: geoSpark

The appeal and success of Geometry Wars and its sequel on the Xbox 360 are undeniable. Geometry Wars single-handedly helped refine the twin-stick shooter and is easily recognized by its distinct visuals. The iPhone has also shown that it can pull off this type of game, with countless variations hitting the App Store and each doing quite well. In an interesting turnaround, geoSpark copies the look of Geometry Wars while changing the gameplay.

Instead of moving around the playing grid zapping geometrical shapes, the goal here is to merely tap them out of existence. You must prevent any two different shapes from touching each other. As shapes enter the screen with greater speed, you must tap faster and faster to prevent a single one from bumping into another and ending the game.


To make the game more interesting, you can tap and hold a shape and scoop up matching shapes for increasing points. As you hold an object, though, it tries to suck in any shape in its path, thus increasing the challenge and the likelihood that you’ll attract an object that doesn’t match.

It’s a simple formula that doesn’t change as you survive longer; things merely get more frantic. It’s also not quite as addicting as the game’s description might have you believe, but it is a fun time that will have you coming back time and again to try to outlast the onslaught longer and increase your high score.

The visuals, taking all their cues from Geometry Wars, are full of color and life and manage to continuously keep you engaged. Its lack of play modes to change things up may eventually cause you to lose interest, but for a buck, you’ll be tapping and zapping for days to come.