Geogame™ World Series

Geogame® World Series is the ultimate iPhone geography game, putting the world in the palm of your hand.

★ Featured by Apple in “What’s Hot” ★

★ “Geogame World Series is a fun way to brush up on some select geography trivia. The app makes learning a blast, and the potential for classroom use with the app is a definite boon. The information offered is brilliant, and with the optional learning mode available Geogame World Series is truly a geography powerhouse.” – ★★★★ –

★ “It includes all the features you need to improve your knowledge and mastering such worldly trivia feels pretty damn good.” –

★ “With Geogame you can learn and test your knowledge whenever and wherever. Download the free version and try it for yourself.” –

★ “Geogame World Series is the definitive world trivia game.” –

★ “When done right, combining fun and education is a great idea, and that is exactly what the developers of Geogame did.” – ★★★★ –

If you’re looking for an iPhone geography application that’s both fun and educational, look no further. Geogame® World Series mixes straight-forward gameplay with challenging trivia making it easy to pick up yet difficult to master.

In fact, our memories retain knowledge much faster when we make learning fun, and Geogame® strikes the perfect balance between education and entertainment:

⊙ Race against the clock to test your knowledge while pick up new facts in Geogame’s fast and frantic challenges.

⊙ Expand your world knowledge across 7 categories of trivia: territories, currencies, capital cities, flags, populations, areas, population densities.

⊙ Discover 3 new categories of trivia with ranking capability: populations, areas and population densities.

⊙ Strategically customize settings as your expertise increases to improve your time and score.

⊙ Think you’re an authority on the subject? Take the “World Zone” challenge spanning 248 territories and prove it!

⊙ Switch from “Gaming” to “Learning” mode to browse and search with interactive maps and discover the exact answers you need.

⊙ Wikipedia integration makes it a breeze to find more info, which is then saved for offline reading.

⊙ Bookmark your favorite location or address and get “crow-fly” distance from any capital city within your Zone.

⊙ Tweet or post on Facebook your best scores.

⊙ Teachers love Geogame® and are eligible for an educational institute discount via iTunes.

⊙ Every challenge or category of trivia for the “South American Zone” is included here for free. So download it now.

⊙ And best of all, by purchasing the “All Zones” bundle, you unlock at a better price all Geogame® Zones in the same time, including the famous “World Zone”.

Everything you’d expect from an educational iphone geography app is here, but Geogame’s gaming dynamic make this a much more fun way to learn. We’d love to hear how Geogame® has helped improve your world knowledge, so please share your positive comments.

Don’t accept substitutes; choose Geogame® World Series, the definitive iPhone geography game.

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