Geo Pro

Geo Pro is an excellent time waster – just ask anybody who’s ever played geography. Geography is an age-old game, classically played amongst family members on a long car ride, in which each player names a place with a first letter that is the same as the last letter of the previous player’s place. A valid place is any continent, country, state, province, commonwealth, county, city, town, or village, but excludes such places as bodies of water, streets, and landmarks.

For example, if Player 1 says “France” to begin the game, Player 2 must now name a place that begins with the letter “e.” If Player 2 were to say “Egypt,” Player 1 could name a place such as “Texas” because it begins with “t.” If a player names a place that has already been said, names an invalid place, or just can’t think of a place at all, that player gets a strike. Once that player reaches the maximum number of strikes set at the beginning of the game, that player loses.

Each valid place is worth 1 point times your current multiplier, and your multiplier increases every 5 consecutive valid places you enter. You can check your top 25 scores in the high scores table, which is accessible right from the main menu.

In Geo Pro, you play against a computer (this is why it’s such a great time waster – you don’t need anyone else to play!). You can choose from three levels of difficulty, and if you’re not sure where a named place is, there’s a handy feature that will show you exactly where on the map the place in question is located.

Plus it’s just fun to test how much you really know about our world.

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