Geo Italy – 5 games in 1 – Play with regions and capitals of Italy!

★ Universal App, runs on iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad! ★

– 5 games in 1 with Italian regions and capitals
– 3 match games to improve memory, concentration and reaction time
– 2 quiz games
– Learn while playing with your iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad
– Great for turists and to know more about Italy
– Detailed information for each Italian region
– Zoomable map of Italy divided by regions
– Professional statistics to keep track of your scores
– Links to Wikipedia to learn more

Play and learn:

– While you move from place to place
– During your commute, get the most out of your time!
– At the aiport waiting for your flight
– On the bus, on the train when going to work
– On the beach and during your vacations
– While waiting in line at the store
– On your sofa!


– Memory and concentration
– Visual perception
– Spatial reasoning and problem solving
– Speed and reaction time
– Fluid intelligence
– Brain health

Get the most out of your time, use it wisely learning something useful for your life and your career.

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