Gentleman Song Dash

Once upon a time there was a Gentleman who only wanted to sing and dance.

This gentleman had his own style, nobody could dance or sing like him. In fact, he got so good at singing and dancing that he became one of the most popular pop figures this world has ever seen.

But there was a price to pay with all this new found popularity. The gentleman was no longer able to go out in public without being swarmed with paparazzi and crazy fans.

But this gentleman one day decided that he was tired of being cooped up in dance studio and took to the streets without his security guards.

That was a mistake!

This is where you come into play.

In this game you are The Gentleman. You are being chased by a crazy fan and you must escape before she gets her hands on you. You must run as fast and as far as you can while jumping over obstacles and slide under objects while the crazy fan is right on your heels.

The running will get faster with every passing second, testing your reflexes and pushing your reaction time to the limit.

This is a fun game that everybody will enjoy. Boys, girls, kids, and adults will all love this addictive and fun adventure game.

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