Genius Trivia Impossible Hard

*** Genius Trivia Challenge! The best super hard impossible trivia game you’ll find! ***

Finally! Here’s a trivia game filled with multiple choice trivia questions for geniuses. These super hard questions will help bring out the Einstein in you. Take the quiz see how many hard trivia questions you can get correct. Some questions you might think are impossible to answer but the correct answer is right there.

We should warn you though, this game is built to outsmart you. It is not an easy Feud style game show, and you can’t dial a friend like Who wants to be a Millionaire. All you have is your brain and your wits!

Genius Trivia has questions covering many categories including Science Trivia, Math Quiz questions, History Trivia, Politics, Entertainment, Famous Books, Literature Trivia, Word Quiz questions and plenty of more categories. The questions are multiple choice and the game is timed, you can’t always win the highest score but you will learn. Impress your friends with unique challenging knowledge usually only the smartest people know.

Genius Trivia Impossible Hard game keeps track of your right and wrong percentage and tracks your score. There are 100 questions to get you started and 900 more available if you can handle the challenge. You will be proud of yourself when you get through this difficult challenge, you just might be a Genius after all.

*** The challenge is in the questions not in trying to play it!

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