Genius Mind

We should all be familiar with the challenging mind puzzle and if you’re not, then get familiar with it :-) The app is a simple code-breaking game for two players. The game itself has been around for nearly a century.

Now get ready for Genius Mind which adds several layers for more challenging fun. Play against the iPhone or play against your friend. You are given 10 chances to break a 4 color code. But, these colors can repeat, and if you are really bold you can also use a blank spot as part of the code string. Are you sitting down, you better, here comes the twist. If you have a knack for the game then you can utilize the game timer to restrict the allotted time to make your selection. If you can’t complete the code in time, you are credited with what you were able to complete and you go to the next level.

Genius Mind works with all generations of the iPhone, as well as the iPod Touch

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