Be prepared for anything as you try to save the celestial world from wicked goblins dwelling in the lava cave of ancient volcano.
Help your favorite princess MOMO use the right items in the right place, defeat goblin guards, and discover the key for the gate of the next cave. Take back a mythical peach of an elixir of life in the celestial world from the wildest goblin boss.
GEN-TO-KI is the most addictive game to land on your iPhone/iPod touch. Enter the mysterious volcanic cave of darkness, if you dare.
※ “MOMO”, the name of heroine, means a peach in Japanese.
※ “GEN-TO-KI” means an illusive peach story in Japanese.

Game Feature:
– Use your wits to adventure challenging levels.
Each new stage will provide a surprising and different challenge requiring an acute sense of strategy: use the moving blocks to your advantage, put the torch light to vines for a forward movement, beat down with hammer to drive of goblin’s sense, etc…
– Drag at any place in the screen for princess MOMO’s movement, and touch the lower right area for special action.
– If you make use of some necessary items to wrong place, shake your iPhone to restart the stage.

Languages: English, Japanese

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