GEMSTAR is another fun and addictive game from BINSTO – the team that brought you the highly popular Kawaii Star!

GEMSTAR is based on the Kawaii Star engine and the premise is the same: gather multipliers and avoid collisions with the moving obstacles. Collect bonus items and climb the leaderboard!
All integrated with OpenFeint and Facebook so you can brag about getting the highest score!

GEMSTAR has awesome music and crisp graphics adding a new and fresh feel to it! Compared to Kawaii Star it feels like something completely different. We had a lot of fans that loved the game play of Kawaii Star – but at the same time they wanted to play the game in a different theme – so we decided to make something special based on their request.

GEMSTAR is a fun, addictive and challenging game and if you liked it than we recommend you to check out Kawaii Star as well! We love them both – just don´t ask us to make a pick, since we can´t do it!

Play one game or play them both – one thing is certain: the fun never stops!

This Free Version comes with in-game ads. The ads can be removed with an In-App-Purchase.

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