Over 20,000+ people are enjoying the top puzzle game from FireFlux. 20,000+ people can’t be wrong!

Enjoy the unique, compelling new puzzle game from FireFlux!

GemPulse is an easy to learn, challenging to master puzzle game with dozens of compelling levels and thought provoking strategy. With this exciting new twist on classic puzzle gameplay, you have 2 minutes to strategize, replace gems to form massive chains, and trigger detonations along the way to earn as many points as you can.

– Hear what people are saying around the web –

“Watching the gems blowing up feels good. This is a fun game to play.” – BotoGames

“Very good in terms of graphics and sounds and very addicting in terms of gameplay – I love it.” – Malakai, QA

“Nice Game, 9/10!” – Max Glockling Games

“Can’t put it down!” – IronFist Mobile

Over 45 levels and counting! See if you can recognize the shape of each level.

Not sure about trying a new puzzle game? Don’t worry! The interactive tutorial will walk you through the basics, step-by-step and have you blasting your way through levels in no time.

We’re sure you’re going to love GemPulse! Please be sure to rate the game below and tell us what you think. Your feedback helps us make the games you love even better.

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