Gem Quest

Do you like fast paced, high score chasing fun!?

Gem Quest combines elements of hidden object, match 3, and fast paced arcade action for a whole new style of gameplay!


•25 types of VALUABLE gems to COLLECT
•5 colorful and exciting worlds to EXPLORE
•Lots of upgradeable powerups!
•Choose from 10 unique Space-Pods with Stat Boosts!
•Play the addicting “Gem Catch” Mini-Game!
•Find Amulets to SPIN and WIN GEMS from the Prize Wheel!
•Complete over 50 Mini-Quests for BONUS Gems and Points, every game!
•More than 20 Challenging Achievements and 6 Game Center Leaderboards
•Fun Cinematics and an Awesome 8-Bit Soundtrack.

If you like hidden object games, download Gem Quest today and experience the thrill of an intergalactic hunt for gems!

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