Fifteen iPuzzle

Let’s go to 1874 back when well known Fifteen Puzzle was invented.

Why is this version different enough to deserve a second glance?

One obvious reason is, that in addition to the traditional numbered puzzle you can play with you favorite pictures, which can be picked from your photo album or made in the real time. The second reason is, that you are encouraged to perform the task by getting help, just tap twice…

Last but not least,you can also listen to your favorite music.
Well,have a nice time!

– Chose Picture from gallery album on device.
– Take picture by camera (Only for Iphones)
– Play Classic game.
– Create own playlist and play them in game.


– Tik Tac School,
– Pegs Solitaire
– Wolves and Sheep
– Battle at Sea: Old Alert
– PS DeluXe

Coming Soon:
Texas Hold em poker, Blackjack,Roulette Online

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