Gem-a-slide GO

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Bejeweled and MazeFinger had a baby? Wonder no more! Gem-a-slide is their hybrid bundle of joy!

Gem-a-slide is an addictive casual gaming experience that will challenge your wit, skills, and reflexes with quick puzzles of finger-sliding fun.

Do you have what if takes to be the next Gem-a-slide master? Go ahead and give it your best slide!

In Gem-a-slide, slide your finger over three or more adjacent matching gems to collect them. Collect enough gems to achieve each gem goal and beat the level. The more gems you match at once, the bigger your combos. The bigger the combos, the more points you score!

If you have trouble collecting matching gems, you can swap two different gems by sliding your finger over them. Beware; there are time penalties for swapping gems.

Game Features

-Hours of intense gem-matching fun
-Two uniquely entertaining game modes
-Online rankings and leaderboards
-Fun graphics, sounds and effects
-Bonus special gems that help you out!
-Listen to your own tunes as you play

Enjoy hours of addictive play that will leave you craving Gem-a-slide action in every spare moment. Experience the awesomeness of Gem-a-slide today!

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