Garden Cards

Show off your gardening skills in this garden themed card game for up to 4 players.

Compete for the highest score by planting, growing, and defending crops in your garden while taking plants from your opponents.


* Test your gardening skills against four AI difficulties available (Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert).

* Listen to your iPod music while you play!

* Quicksave! Game data is saved each round so you won’t lose your data.

* More than 30 unlockable in-game trophies.


* Uses single finger tap, double taps, and triple taps for interaction and menus.

* Employs Drag, Zoom, and Shake gestures so players can easily position the game board.

* Simply Double Tap any card in-game to learn more about it.

* Triple Tap to view the in-game menu while playing.

* Tap the Music Note buttons to select your iPod playlist in-game.


For 1 to 4 Players (Pass’n Play).

Great family game.

Requires 3.0 OS or later on your iPhone or iPod touch.


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