Ganoo Jump V1

Ganoo Jump – Mobile press or touch and jumping game. Ganoo Jump is about Ganoo (cute kid) who likes to jump around and collect stars. Ganoo live on Island called Redang Island which under attack by schools of magical sword fish. Help Ganoo to collect stars and fight those bad sword fishes.

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Click jump button to jump to collect stars (bonus) and press fishes to achieve your target.
2 levels of jumping mode and both sides for those who is right handed or left handed :-
Below – medium height jump
Upper – max height jump

To attack sword fish press on them.
Do not attack more than your target or your achieved target will be reset to zero and you have to press them again.

This is a free version (Ganoo Jump 1.0). Feel free to register as our free membership for more free gifts
and to get our updates directly to your email and mobile phone.
Version 1.1 will be available soon

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