Gangnam Style Smackdown: Dance Clash Experience!

✰✰✰✰ Only in the streets of the Gangnam district itself will you find more action than this!✰✰✰✰

✰✰✰ Enjoy the full game with No In App Purchases! ✰✰✰

The record setting beats you love set the stage as you test your reflexes to familiar faces – Can you Master it?

No rules, just move your thumbs to the thumping beat unlocking loads of achievements as you move to the groove and show that you have Gangnam Style!

✰✰ Unlock 17 different Achievements!
✰✰ 3 Game modes to choose from!
✰✰ Leaderboards through GameCenter, outlast your friends!

Wait till you see who pops up dancing Gangnam Style, you may be amazed!

Face to face dance off, whack’em smack’em fun, great for killing time while standing in line, waiting for your coffee, or waiting to get into the club!

See you inside…

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